Does POTUS make Better Government?

A colleague raised this question when we were discussing an online group called Better Government and the associated PASS Discipline. Naturally, we discussed politics first. Why not? It is the most advertised and hyped aspect of government. It is where citizens trust government to begin, with some thought to where it all ends. But how much of the quality of government is a result of the President’s actions, and how much is the responsibility of those who make government their careers?

Knowing better than to over think the question, we eventually turned to the subject of operating government–the realities of effectiveness and efficiency among a large workforce, and its vast shadow of contractors.

As we tossed the operations of government around, we concluded that, for the most part, the nature of government is bureaucratization, thickening of friction and fat, and that this “nature” drives out the potential in government operations–potential for human growth, innovation, and enhancements, and overall transparency.

Not wanting to leave the discussion on a negative, we considered the concepts of what might be a better government, if we can ever overcome this organizational “nature.”

Here’s our list of 3 Better Government characteristics:


1. Collegial Media – the digital work experience improves access and concentration on value, awareness of opportunity, and empowers their discretion to make enhancements.

2. Adaptive Analytics – the culture is evidence-driven, updated to affect behavior and create deep awareness, and aligned between emerging individual development and organizational capability.

3. Reliable Reporting – the architecture of information is effective at attributing courage, commitment, and creativity to employees, forecasting alternative actions, and facilitating teams’ performance leadership.

This may be the same list that affects any large organization. Given that government is one of the largest and most complicated to manage, maybe our list of 3 should be the subject of political debates.

Can government employees lead Better Government?

How will the Executive Branch of Government create these characteristics?  

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